How To Use Email Autoresponder Software To Boost Your Email Marketing

Do you know how to use autoresponder to boost your email marketing? Autoresponder is all about automatic responses. Everybody likes instant responses it’s all about instant replies. Its a really nice gesture when you send an email to subscribers who have just subscribed to your channel, or maybe a newsletter. But there are millions of people who are subscribing to your email newsletters. It’s practically not possible to send an email to every single new user each time to subscribe to your channel. What do you do then how do you send him the email right after they subscribe? That’s when the most important concept comes into the picture. That is the autoresponder. An autoresponder is an email utility that instantly answers to an email message with a pre-written response when the email comes into a particular email address.

So basically autoresponder is something that’s gonna let you instantly reply back to the subscriber. It might be a welcome message or a confirmation message etc. With good and reliable autoresponder placed inside your website blog or any other site, there is surely an increase in the site’s traffic. Autoresponder makes it easier for the marketers to collect the email list and put them in the right categories. There are a lot of autoresponder providers who are available in the present market. Best autoresponder depends on the user as every provider has its own unique programs and features that make their service much easier to use. One of the best email marketing will also provide an inbuilt autoresponder facility is the easysendy pro. It is really easy to setup the autoresponder. All you have to do is just set the time, date and there you go! Let me show you how you can send an autoresponder campaign for the subscribers by using easysendy Pro.

In a new tab enter the website. This is the login page of easysEndy PRO. if you are a new user, please register. As I’ve already registered, I’m just entering my credentials. So this is basically the dashboard of Easysendy Pro. You can quickly start off to send your autoresponder campaigns by clicking on campaigns and choosing the autoresponder Campaigns. Here, I have sent a few autoresponder campaigns already. Let me start off by creating a new autoresponder campaign. Here, enter your campaign name. This is just for your reference. This is not going to be shown on your email newsletters. Choose the type as Autoresponder. In one of the previous videos, i had instructed about how to create a list in EasySendy Pro. I am going to directly send this autoresponder campaign to the list which is already been created.

Here are a few lists and let me choose sample which has five subscribers in it. Click on save and next. So here you can use them form name and the email address from which it has to be sent to. The subject line is one of the most important concepts when it comes to emails. It has to be really attractive to make it look much more professional because the decision about your email landing in the inbox or in the spam folder mainly depends on the subject line. Given many more tips about how your email should be, please refer to the description below.

So here let me start off by choosing the appropriate subject line. Once you’re done choosing the right subject line, click on save and next. Choose the option to minify because this is going to make your email visible and much more mobile optimized. Just for an example, I’m going to enter it “hello thank you for subscribing” Choose a really attractive email template and click on to the next. So your campaign confirmation page pops up. Here you can basically set the activate at. This is the time at which your account will be activated.

The next one is the autoresponder event. here you can find that there are two options with one as the after subscribe and one is after campaign open. Just in case you send an email to subscribers, after -subscribe drops the autoresponder mail only after the user has subscribed to the particularly email. But when it comes to after campaign open this particular auto-responder campaign is sent right after the campaign has been opened.

So here you can set the autoresponder time value. Let me set it to one. Here choose the autoresponder time unit. So if it’s going to be one minute or 1 R 1 day etc. So I am gonna set it as one hour. You can just select if you want to include imported subscribers or not. These are the details of days of your autoresponder campaign. Once you’re done setting up an autoresponder campaign, click on save and active.

This autoresponder has been successfully saved It will start planning at a particular time that I had entered. Isnt that really easy to be set up? Did you know that it EASYSENDY PRO lets you send autoresponder campaigns for two thousand subscribers for free? Now that an added advantage. Quickly start off to send your autoresponder campaign by following the setup. Sign up to us by using the link that has been given in the description. Please don’t forget to like share and comment. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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