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Why Email Tracking Service Important?

Using an email tracking service should be on the list of tools for any Internet marketer about to begin an email marketing campaign. An invaluable tool, it allows for better customization by determining which emails are getting the best responses. This saves time and wasted effort on promotions and incentives that aren’t working and allows the affiliate to keep doing what does. This of course increases the marketer’s potential profits by making sure customers get what they want. Tracking emails also lets you know if they are simply ending up in the spam folder and ignored or actually reaching the recipient.

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The Benefits of Using an Email Tracking Service

When it comes to a successful marketing campaign, nothing helps better than fine tuning the newsletters, offerings, incentives, and products offered to target the subscribers on the opt-in list. After all if they aren’t getting any value, they will simply drop from the list and lost prospects equal lost profit. With an email tracking service you can see what percentage of the subscribers are opening the emails as well as which links are being followed the most.

Another benefit is the ability to see which email addresses on the list are dormant so that the list itself can be easily updated over the course of the campaign. This allows a marketer to always have up to date information about the customer base. With an email tracking service it’s also possible to see when emails are forwarded by a customer. With all of the available information it’s also easy to compare past results with the current campaign and to plan for greater success with future marketing strategies.

Avoid Misleading Marketing Statistics

When using email tracking software, marketers need to make sure they’re reading the statistics properly to get accurate feedback. One common mistake is thinking that a higher open and click through rate is the best result. This is misleading because it doesn’t accurately tell whether or not the links in the email were used. For example, a subscriber may read an email and click through to the site to get more information. If they don’t follow the call to action, such as downloading a free promotion, subscribing to the offered newsletter, or purchasing the item offered, the email still hasn’t done its job.
The best way for a marketer to get the most accurate statistics for a campaign is to combine email tracking service statistics with other tools. Altogether these tools become part of the affiliate’s personal arsenal for success. Each success builds on the past and leads to greater future profits as long as the marketer keeps accurate records and does good research into what works best.

Email Marketing

Watch Business Thrive with a Successful Mailing List

Managing a mailing list is an effective way to allow clients to receive regular updates, news, and promotions that may be happening with your business. While traditional lists have typically been very static (a set amount of people are sent a predefined e-mail), more recent advancements in targeting technology allow for customized lists to be created and sent, which in turn allows for a great degree of flexibility and optimization to happen. It is important to remember that the hardest part of keeping a list is making sure that the underlying data you have with regards to the customers is sound. You must know what they want, and send out an e-mail at the precise time to meet their needs.

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Make Sure You Have Sound Data

Sound data means not just maintaining a database of e-mails. Gone are the days when a mailing list simply consisted of a collection of e-mails – now it is crucial to have an underlying set of data to which you can tailor your messages. Has this person re-registered for your program? Then send them the thank you update. If they haven’t, send the one that asks them to renew. These are examples of customizations that you can now make. As another example, if a person has spent $10,000 at your store, you may wish to offer them a special coupon that the person who has only spent $100 won’t receive.

Let People Unsubscribe – Sending Unsolicited Mail Only Hurts in the Long Run

It is also important that you allow people the ability to unsubscribe from being sent the e-mails. More and more, spam is becoming a big concern and companies must be vigilant to ensure that their campaigns both don’t get stuck in a spam filter and that they are not blacklisted as a spam place. Being blacklisted can make your mailing list moot as all the major spam filters will begin to automatically reject it – no matter how legitimate it may be. Take care to have professional and easy ways to unsubscribe from the list so that way your company won’t get a bad reputation.
These lists are crucial to ensure that people receive all the latest news and information regarding your company, however with great power comes great responsibility: make sure that you have a good set of targeted data so that the customers will find the e-mails informative, and also ensure that you take care with the list to ensure that they’re always deliverable to the e-mails you have on record. Following these simple thoughts will help you have a quality list that you can count on to succeed!

Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing Deliverability Important?

One of the most critical aspects of an e-mail campaign is the deliverability. Email marketing deliverability helps you determine if a campaign suffered performance issues due to the fact that e-mails were not read or delivered to people, or if the content itself was poor. For example, consider the following two case scenarios: campaign A was sent to 10,000 people of which 5,000 never received the message and only 2,000 responded. Campaign B was sent to 10,000 people of which 9,000 received the message and 2,000 people responded. Which campaign performed better? Clearly campaign A did as 40% of the people who read the message responded compared with only 22% in campaign B.

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Email marketing deliverability can be gauged in a couple of ways. The most popular way by far is to use a service such as Aweber or Getresponse or MailingBoss. These services act like trackers for your message and let you know when it was read, who read it, what browser they used, etc. These services will let you precisely pinpoint the types of people who are likely to read your e-mails versus those that are not. The big benefit to these sites is the extraordinary level of detail that they provide, however, the small downside is that none of these services are totally infallible. Most of the time though they get a pretty accurate picture of what exactly is happening with your messages.

Another, less reliable way to gauge email marketing deliverability is to look at the logs on your server for bounce backs. The problem is that while this will show defunct e-mail addresses, it won’t address a broader issue that some people may actually receive the e-mail address but never read it or delete it (this is particularly common with old e-mail addresses that have now been abandoned). This is why one of the aforementioned services is particularly beneficial as it will let you see if a message that was successfully sent was ever actually read or not. That way you can get a clear picture of how many of the messages that were actually read generated a positive response.

Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing Segmentation Important?

Email marketing is a new and modern way of marketing now that emails have become an important part of our day-to-day lives. Almost everyone has an email account somewhere, whether it’s with Hotmail, Yahoo or whoever else. We can browse emails through our smart phones, laptops and desktop computers (PC’s) and any email marketing messages they receive can be read directly from there. Although this is a very good way of marketing, we must remember that everyone has different likes and interests, so how exactly can we focus on this so the receiver of the marking email receives something of interest to them? Well, with email marketing segmentation we can do just that.

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Email marketing segmentation allows you to control who receives what so that you can be sure they are receiving something of interest. But how do you know what their interests are? Well, it’s quite simple really, you can the likes of the purchase and browsing history on your site and from there you can get a better idea of what it is that they like and are interested in. Although this can be very time consuming, it’s definitely worthwhile and much better than just sending a single mass email out to say 300 people and only 10 of them are interested in what you’ve got to say. How much better would it be if all 300 were to read the email you’ve sent? Much better of course as this would improve your overall email click through rate and possibly your sales so keep reading for more details about email marketing segmentation.

Before sending out your marketing emails, try to gather as much information as you can about each individual user who you’re sending the email to. This is exactly what email marketing segmentation is all about. Some of the useful data you may be looking for includes purchase history, browsing history, their location, gender and age. Their location can be especially useful as different parts of the world have different trends and interests, so keep a good eye on this.

With email marketing segmentation, you have complete control over your email campaign list and will help you target more effectively than what you would with just a single mass email. It can help your profits and more importantly will help build trust between you and your clients. There is a variety of software packages which will allow you to quickly and efficiently analyze your entire segmentation database and compare against email addresses in your list so it can accurately send the right message to the right person. It may be worth your while to check these out by doing a web search if you haven’t already. Some are free too if you’re looking for a cheap solution!