Email Marketing

Email Marketing Facts

In the USA, Email’s ROI in 2020 was $40.56 (US) for every dollar spent. Even though it has dropped last year, and is projected to drop in 2013, Email ROI is still by far the best ROI you can find.

email marketing fact

Email marketing is one of the least expensive marketing channels, and according to the DMA, a very high performer. Today, most email marketers are paying under a penny per email, but email marketing only claims a small fraction of the average marketing budget. Even though email marketing has become widespread, email marketers, on a wide scale, are still not leveraging the true potential such as advanced personalization, delivery monitoring and management, and integration with third-party systems.

When it comes to low-cost, high-reward marketing channels,
email has no rival. In fact, your goal should be to drive as much of your customer communications to email as possible, no matter what state the economy is in. Email gives you the ability to monitor customer interactions in real time and respond quickly to a need or customer concern. It is the ideal device for driving online revenue, managing loyalty programs, administering fast customer service, and more.

Remember, email is a permission-based medium. Marketers who “batch and blast” their customers with generic buy-it-now messages will certainly get results, but it is the marketers who send the smartest and most relevant email that will reap the greatest reward.

Email Marketing

OmniStar Mailer Review 2021

Omnistar Mailer has been around for several years now and it has grown into a robust subscription manager and mailer, including most if not all, of the features you’d expect from the industrial strength self-hosted mailers.

From the uncluttered interface to the clean statistics and charts, Omnistar’s mailer is a serious contended to it’s more expensive siblings like Interspire’s Email Marketer.

OmniStar Mailer Review

Here’s a look atthe interface upon logging in below.

You can of course set up autoresponders such as a monthly newsletter or maybe an email based educational course. Autoresponders can be set to send on a daily, weekly or monthly basis via a scheduler.

I also noticed the import/export tool was functioning and allowed me to import a .CSV based list with little difficulty. I always check the import/export tools, as they often come in handy down the road.

The stats pages are very nice and clear to read – campaign statistics show the usual: opened, links clicked, bounces, subscriptions, etc.

I think my biggest surprise was that OmniStar Mailer included tools I’ve only seen in other much more expensive offerings, like Triggers (available with AWeber and Email Marketer). You can do a lot of tricks with triggers but they basically allow you to really sharpen a list into prospects based on events like, unsubscribing, or making a purchase.

Another function I did not see elsewhere was the ability to do custom searches of your data to dynamically generate a targeted list of a specific segment of your subscribers. For example you could build a list of everyone from New York that is over 35 years of age.

Rounding out the high-end bells and whistles were a very nice form builder, a spam checker tool to help sanitize your messages, and a nice split test campaign manager (see below).

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a self-hosted mailer and you will need to know at least the basics involved in hosting a PHP/mySQL application. The install was actually really simple, and took less than 10 minutes. Another thing to note is that the software is not encrypted, so you will be able to modify the code as you see fit.

All in all considering that Omnistar Mailer is quite comparable feature-wise to the other commercial grade mailers, I’d say the price point (currently at $287 one-time fee) is pretty fair. If you run some large lists over time hosting yourself could save you a lot of money over hosted solutions like AWeber and GetResponse.

  • $287 one-time fee – includes 12 months of upgrades + client license.
  • $587 one-time fee – includes 12 months of upgrades + 5 client licenses for resale.
  • $887 one-time fee – includes 12 months of upgrades + 10 client licenses for resale.

Check out current promotions on OmniStar Mailer.

Email Marketing

Interspire Review 2021

A self hosted solution with nearly a decade of development, Interspire’s Email Marketer is a powerful robust solution for lists of any size, or complexity.  If you are serious about list management, timed autoresponders, and seemless newsletter mail outs, while being knowledgeable enough to host a solution yourself, this is the product for you.

Interspire Review

I first started using Email Marketer in 2007 when it was branded as SendStudio (and shortly after that Sendstudio NX). Since then it has come leaps and bounds to become a goliath of an internet marketing machine with features I’ve honestly only seen available here.

Check out Interspire’s Email Marketer for current promotions.

List management is simple and intuitive (see below).

As is managing your autoresponders:

Deliverability is important, and I liked how Email Marketer went one step further and provided a spam filter style tool for scanning me emails prior to sending. Your email is analyzed for known spam keywords and the spam report shows you exactly what should be changed, ensuring your email is delivered to as many subscribers as possible.

Statistics display all the key data points: Opened, unopened, bounced, links clicked, etc.

Complex split testing is another standout feature of Interspire’s tool. Quickly see which of your campaigns perform the best to refine your message. You’re not limited to simple A/B testing but can test unlimited variations in one test. I found this tools essential for refining my CPA campaigns.

Perhaps the coolest feature putting Email Marketer ahead of the competition is the use of triggers. With triggers you can automatically convert leads to opportunities when they open a specific email, remove inactive leads from your list or even send a follow up email when a particular link is clicked – automatically.

All in all, Email Marketer provides everything you could want to run any type of email campaign, especially in mass quantities. Too many features to mention so check below for our list of Pros/Cons.

  • Not cheap: $495 for an owned license
  • Setup and maintenance are easy, but the interface and tools take some getting used to
  • You’ll need to take care to make sure your server is whitelisted by other mail servers
  • No monthly or per email fees
  • Perpetual, lifetime license, with no ‘powered by’ messages in your emails
  • Powerful XML-based API
  • 100% unencrypted PHP code
  • Solicit and track feedback with easily created surveys or polls
  • Automatic Bounce Handling
  • CAPTCHA Form Support
    • 1 User License: $495.00
    • 5 User License: $749.00
    • 10 User License: $995.00
    • 20 User License: $1795.00

Check out Interspire’s Email Marketer for current promotions.

Email Marketing

GetResponse Review 2021

GetResponse is a feature-rich and mature email marketing solution, fully scalable and very capable of handling small and very large lists (1 million+). For over 10 years now, it has provided regular feature updates, and expert support for creating and managing email and video marketing campaigns, newsletters, and autoresponders.

First let me say GetResponse only barely edges out AWeber for the overall winner of best autoresponder tool. They really are that close.

Getresponse Review

One thing that sets GetResponse apart from the pack is the use of media. If you want to insert PDF, videos, or audio, in your campaigns, this is the option for you. They have a Multimedia Studio, which lets you build up to 100MB of video email marketing files, right from your account. Think: high-impact customer testimonials, podcasts, product or event videos.

For social media integration I’d say GetResponse is also ahead of the pack with tools for instant Twitter and Facebook updates, both a great way to grow your list faster.

GetResponse is also no slouch with the standard and advanced features you’ll need for regular mailing work. Newsletter builder, autoresponders (scheduled), and over 300 well styled templates, are all at your disposal. In particular I found their tools for building forms and newsletters to be very easy to use with amazing results.

Another feature that I found very robust and useful were the advanced segmentation stuff for management of what data is being collected and how it is used. For instance, one thing it allows you to do is group email lists by customer activity, including open & click-behaviors.

Another killer feature is the GetResponse iPhone App which gives you instant access to your dashboard and key stats on your iPhone. It even allows you to import to your list from your Address Book on the phone. Very cool!

Back to the web, the GetResponse Email Analytics pages are equally impressive. Review your stats by product, date, domain, customer, and more. They did a great jobs with visuals like graphs graphs and you can get customized reports in your inbox daily. GetResponse also offers complete Google analytics integration and an API if you need more data.

GetResponse has a great video showing you some of the best features of the product (see below).

Check out the GetResponse promotion page for more info.

  • Similar price model to AWeber, see below.
  • Templates could be a bit lacking compared to AWeber.
  • Very intuitive and easy to use interface, even for beginners.
  • Solid support staff, knowledgeable articles, and videos to help you learn quickly.
  • Very fast and reliable mail servers with over 10 years of trust = very high deliverability rate.
  • Unlimited Autoresponders.
  • Message spam checking.
  • Selective broadcasting.
  • Regular activity reports via email.
  • 0 – 500 subscribers: $18/month or $177.12/year ($14.76/month)
  • 501 – 2,500 subscribers: $28/month
  • 2,501 – 5,000 subscribers: $45/month
  • 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers: $65/month
  • 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers: $145/month

Check out the GetResponse promotion page for more info.

Email Marketing

Aweber Review 2021

AWeber is one of the most popular newsletter / autoresponder services available today.  As a hosted solution with a decade’s worth of development behind it, it is a very powerful tool with a large community of power users to draw experience from.

Because AWeber is a hosted solution from a well-known vendor the likelihood of your campaigns hitting an inbox is very high.  AWeber themselves put the delivery rate at 99%.

Aweber Review

Currently AWeber has over 150 email templates and hundreds of matching form templates built to match your websites theme.  In the past I would normally build my own from scratch, but with recent additions to their library of templates I’ve just been using the one’s included with AWeber and modifying them to fit my needs.

Check out my previous articles: Is AWeber Your Email Marketing Partners?

One of the most talked about features of AWeber is the fact they encourage double opt-in on all their campaigns.  By forcing users to verify their subscription with an email verification process your lists will certainly be smaller, but the flip side is that you will only be marketing to people who genuinely wanted to subscribe to your list.  To most marketers this is a benefit not a deterrent.  Aweber agrees, and in fact when you create a new list within Aweber this feature is automatically set to Confirmed Opt-In.  You can change the status by going to My Lists / Confirmed Opt-In and then explicitly turning this feature off.

As with any commercial class mailer AWeber makes good use of variables for within your emails, to add a personal touch to your mailings.  {!firstname_fix} will allow you to include the subscribers first name within the body of the email.  {!date dayname+1}allows you to advertise an important event you have coming up with the +1 being how many days away it is.  For instance you might want to say “Be sure to watch your inbox this Saturday for a killer deal”.  All of the variables are clearly documented in AWeber’s front end.

With a recent update AWeber now includes the ability send campaigns at specific time intervals, automatically. This is a very strong method for increasing open rates, see below.

Another feature helping AWeber to stand out from the pack is a spam filter tool in which AWeber gives you feedback on how spammy your message is.  A message with a high spam score will greatly reduce its likelihood of bypassing the spam filters used by email servers around the world.  You’ll want to run all your campaigns through this before delivery for best results.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Likely one of the best features of AWeber is it’s detailed statistics page.  Users can see who opened their emails, who clicked a CPA link, and more importantly perform split testing to see which campaigns work, and which one’s need to be shelved.  The data is displayed in a very easy to read manner with charts and graphs (see below).  You can of course either export this data, or make use of AWeber’s API to manipulate the data to your liking.

Recent updates to AWeber have brought it up to speed with commercial self-hosted solutions like email marketer. What I liked was the ability to send a broadcast only to subscribers who didn’t open or click on your previous broadcast. Alternatively, you could send an extra bonus offer to people who clicked your last email, but didn’t purchase. Very handy!

Aweber’s autoresponder feature is explained in the video below.
Visit AWeber’s current promotions page for more info.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

  • A bit of a learning curve.
  • A few users have reported difficulty sending videos in their emails.
  • No free trial, although they do offer a $1 trial for the first month that you can cancel at anytime without further charges.
  • Gorgeous web templates and forms
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter, RSS).
  • Amazing statistics with access to your campaign data via API..
  • Ability to specify which days and what time of the day your follow up messages deliver to help increase your open rates and response.
  • Unlimited autoresponder emails.
  • Great tutorials and videos for new and advanced users.
  • Highly reliable and fast email delivery.  Perhaps the best in the industry.
  • Very strong support staff with fast turnaround times.
    • $1 for first month
    • $19/month (up to 500 subscribers) | $49/quarter | $194/year
    • 501-2,500 subscribers: Add $10/month
    • 2,501-5,000 subscribers: Add $30/month
    • 5,001-10,000 subscribers: Add $50/month
    • 10,001-25,000 subscribers: Add $130/month
    • 501-2,500 subscribers: contact AWeber

Visit AWeber’s current promotions page for more info.

Email Marketing

iContact Review 2021

iContact is another hosted solution with an autoresponder, newsletter mailer, a great platform and all the bells and whistles you’d need to completely manage your email list. In fact, iContact is used by major corporations and websites like Nissan, Electrolux, and College Humor, and they tout a delivery rate of 99%. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge hosted email marketing service with all the trimmings, iContact is a great choice.

icontact review

iContact has been in the autoresponder and self managed mailing business since 2003 and their core product has grown into a robust and industry leading product. You’ve likely seen their ads on TV.

The product really saw extensive updates this year and managing contacts and lists is really straight forward with their admin interface. All the features you’d expect are here but what stands out for me is how polished the application has become. The WYSIWYG editor (MessageCoder, as they call it) is a delight to use, and might be the best of all the autoresponder products I’ve tried. Important as you spend a lot of time crafting messages.

The campaign tracking pages are good for digging into user activity like opened and bounced data.

A recent new feature is you can now segment your lists based on your own criteria, which I found worked well for large websites with contacts for advertisers, partners, staff, etc.

And you can of course build unlimited timed autoresponders to your lists, but I was also pleased to see iContact has a survey feature built in. This is very powerful if used creatively with your audience. So a very robust set of core features, and like Get Response they have also included social media integration into your email campaigns for Facebook and Twitter–and we all know how important that has become this year.

Another huge bonus with iContact is the amount of choices you have with 3rd party plugins and even community built tools and software. Here are just a few:

  • iContact provides iPhone / Android apps for fully managing campaigns.
  • Drupal, WordPress, Joomla plugins for bloggers. Also supports: Salesforce, Bigcommerce, Call Loop, Appointment-Plus and others.
  • Powerful and well documented API in case you want to ‘roll your own’ tools.

iContact has introduced a 30 day trial–Check out the iContact promotion page for more info.

  • Like all hosted solutions requires a monthly commitment.
  • Support might be a bit lacking compared to AWeber
  • 500 gorgeous templates
  • Affordable prices, see below
  • Very fast and reliable mail servers with a proven very high deliverability rate
  • Unlimited Autoresponders
  • Message spam checking tools
  • Social tools for Twitter, Facebook
  • iPhone, Android apps.
  • Plenty of updates and an active development team
  • 0 – 2499 subscribers: $30.60/month
  • 2500 – 4999 subscribers: $50.15/month
  • 5000 – 9,999 subscribers: $75.60/month
  • Checkout the pricing here
Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing Course Is Essential For Your Success

Social media has changed the face of business. Earlier business owners were a distant entity for the customers as they were nowhere in contact with them, but not anymore. The internet has facilitated the close liaison of customers and owners on a common platform, that of social media, mainly Facebook. Customers can now directly lodge their complaints, suggestions, reviews and feedback to the companies through Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Course

Companies can use the tremendous power of Facebook available in the form of a large user base to provide better services and products. Facebook marketing can be harnessed by business owners to bring in better brand loyalty and profitability. There are several other such benefits of Facebook marketing some of which are mentioned below:

Low Cost Marketing Strategy: Having a Facebook page with the relevant features can be a cost effective marketing strategy. As compared to other marketing channels, it proves to be more efficient and effective, especially for small and medium scale businesses.

Brand Building: Facebook marketing can be a way of brand building. It is the place where businesses can publicize their business portfolio, inform the customers about their products and services, engage the customers by asking for their opinions and suggestions. Overall, it can be a space where businesses can build their brands and create an interest.


Better Customer Support: with suggestions and reviews coming in from the customers, businesses can give them better services and support. Customers today, not only want value for their money but a nice and courteous approach by the company. Customized services as required by the consumer can be a way to stay ahead of the competitors.

Targeted Advertising: With more than a billion Facebook users, business owners can deliver targeted advertising to specific groups. This way companies can reach out to those who might be interested in their products and services. They can even offer deals through their Facebook page.


Other than the mentioned benefits there are several other benefits of Facebook marketing as well. However, those interested in knowing more about Facebook and its marketing benefits can take up the Facebook marketing course. Taking up this course will provide you the in-depth knowledge of how Facebook works and how it can be harnessed to get better results for your business.


Over the years, it has become challenging to sustain your marketing efforts through Facebook. This decline could be due to many reasons, the main one being the inability to use the social media properly. Therefore, the importance of a Facebook marketing course cannot be undermined.

Facebook Marketing Course

Facebook Marketing Training Course

The Facebook marketing training course will provide you the in-depth knowledge of how to get started with Facebook. It would also provide you the valuable tools that can help you reach the next level of success in business. The training course would show all the basics of Facebook and how it can be effectively used to promote and grow a business.

Program Content

  1. What is Facebook; how it works and the trends of Facebook marketing
  2. What are the differences between pages, groups, profiles and events
  3. Create a Facebook page for your business
  4. Customize the tabs with different applications to set up the business page
  5. Understanding the way pages and profiles link and work together
  6. Engaging your fans through powerful posts
  7. Implement the best practices on the page
  8. Build a plan for Facebook marketing

Once you are through the Facebook marketing course it would help you with the following things:

  • How to create a page on Facebook
  • How to optimize the page so that it has the maximum impact
  • Determine how the page can fit with the other online marketing strategies that you may adopt
  • How to customize your page so that it engages the audience
  • How to build a strategy that can help you maximize your efforts and their results
  • How to create engaging posts that are liked and shared by your followers

Advanced Facebook Marketing Course

Facebook has changed quite a lot over the years. Several changes have been introduced to the social media platform making it more difficult to get the required visibility on the page. There is the possibility that over the years, you are not getting as much response from your followers as you once did when you first introduced your page. This lack of interest could be due to the absence of proper updates on your page or the inability to keep up with the trends on Facebook.

The advanced marketing course offers you the ability to harness Facebook to the fullest. It takes your marketing efforts to the next level. Here is what the course covers:

Program Content

  1. Tips on how to drive engagement on your Facebook page, organically
  2. How to master the Edgerank algorithm
  3. Improve the page performance by utilization of Facebook analytics
  4. Boost your visibility through strategically sponsored posts
  5. How to master Facebook ads for your business
  6. Understand advanced targeting and how to get the best out of it
  7. How to advertise to the email lists and run retarget ads on Facebook to maximum the results
  8. How to integrate Facebook into the overall marketing strategy

Once complete, the advanced Facebook marketing course would help you with the following things:

  • Understand the Edgerank algorithm, what it is, how it works and how it can be used to your advantage
  • Create posts that engage your followers and increase your visibility on the internet
  • Boost your page by including sponsored posts
  • Connect with your customers by harnessing the ads and researching about the audience
  • Deepen connections with the followers and customers by running contests and giving them promotional offers

There is no denying the fact that Facebook is still the largest platform that has the highest number of users. It cannot be ignored at any cost. The trick is to use it to your advantage. Facebook marketing or social media marketing is extremely important for your business and you must know how to utilize it fully, so that your business grows across all verticals.

Do checkout our Social Media Marketing Course here.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Nonprofits Organization

An email marketing strategy is a very cost-effective method to increasing traffic to your organization website and for building a long term relationship with your target audiences. There are several factor that will increase the success and effectiveness of your email marketing newsletter. In many ways it is similar to the goals that you have for the website itself.

WHO do you want to reach – Your list WHAT would you want them to do – Your Call To Action WHERE do you want them to go – Website Links

Building your list

Your list is a valuable asset for your organization. Growing your list is carried on in several possible methods.

On the website ask people to sign up if they want to receive your newsletter. You can start collecting these names even if you haven’t produced your first newsletter. It lets you know that these people are interested. People will often sign up for a newsletter because they are interested in what you have on your website and would like to be informed on future activities. In your location – have people sign up when they register with you for an event, training, volunteer etc. Ask for their email address and tell them you are planning a newsletter. In your print newsletter – you may already have a print newsletter. Use print newsletter to informing your audience that they can now sign up for newsletter digitally. Some people will prefer the e-newsletter. Mention the website in your print newsletter and encourage people to visit it. Segment your list– you may have different types of lists – and each may benefit from a specific type of newsletter. For example your volunteers may enjoy reading about volunteer activities, while the press and community might have a more general interest. Partner with other organizations – write an item or make an announcement that one of your alliance partners will send out to THEIR email list. Invite people to your website and they may signup on your email list while they are visiting.

Call to Action

Look at the goals and objectives that you have for your website. Then as you plan your newsletter think of the actions you want people to take. Think of the newsletter as a way of building a relationship with the readers.

Do you want them to volunteer? Donate? Get Involved? Join the Board? Encourage your readers to “Forward” the email to other people they know who might be interested in your organization. This is one of the powerful things about an newsletter in email marketing. A paper newsletter stops with one person – but it is very easy to forward an email to multiple people. Include interesting stories and upcoming events so that people learn more about your organization and activities.

Links to your website

It is a good idea to have links to specific pages of your website. Some of your stories in the newsletter may just be the introduction or teaser – and then link to the website for more information. This will help you to move people from the e-newsletter directly to the website.

Depending on the type of program you are using to send out your emails you may be able to see where the most interest is – which stories do people click on to get more information.

There are many email management programs that you can use that you or your web designer can create professional looking layouts which will be branded to look like your website and have interesting ways to bring people back to your website.

constant contact

Constant Contact

An email management program that I recommend is Constant Contact. Constant Contact has awesome capabilities for building huge list and managing your subscriber list, it also have wide variety of customizable email templates, and an elegant report view to show you the response and readership after you send out the emails.  I have been using this for many years and have setup many clients who have used it successfully to build their networks and connections with their target audiences, clients, donors and affiliates.  Constant Contact also have a free trial plan that lets you use alll the full features in this app to determine if it is suitable for your needs.

For more tips on building an effective Internet strategy for your organization my ebook has more examples and tips. “Internet Strategies for Nonprofits

Denise Davies is co-founder of Aleph Inc., an Internet development company. She directs an international team of talented analysts, designers and programmers to build Internet solutions for nonprofits, startups and established businesses. Denise speaks to groups on Internet Strategies for success and consults to an international base of clients.

Email Marketing

4 Steps To Harness The Addictive Power Of Email

  • Are you working your butt off to run your Internet business?
  • A constant feeling you’re not making enough progress? (At least the bank balance says that)
  • Slaving over weekly blog posts
  • Marketing these on various social streams to build a social following
  • Building a thriving online business may often feel like an insurmountable task

Does this sound like YOU?


A laser-sharp focus on growing and engaging your email list will ensure you turn casual blog readers into repeat visitors. This is always great for business.

Read my articles on Did You Know It’s Your Email Subject Line That Get Your Emails Opened? It will definitely help you sky rocket your current mailing list.

Here are four steps to addictive power of email  to be used as an integral part of your online business.

Step 1: Hook Site Visitor’s With What’s On Offer

Everyone knows what a bribe is.

You need to make site visitors an offer they find impossible to say no to.  The offer is the incentive to site visitors to give up their primary Email Id to you.  A site visitor’s Email Id is a very valuable slice of information for you.

A Whitepaper or eBook is the most commonly used bribe, unfortunately site visitors have most likely downloaded a ton of eBooks to their computers that they have not even had a glance at.

Today, it’s pretty likely that your site visitor is not really turned on by a free eBook and hence will not consider it worthy enough to share their Email Id with you.

What’s worse and eBook is not addictive. A single eBook does not build long term connections between you (your site) and them as it does not invite them to come back.

So, how do you hook site visitors?

Build a content library.

Once you have a content library in place, give your site visitors the option of registering to get access to your content library.

This works a whole lot better that offering then a subscription to your feature packed newsletter, which you know often isn’t.

To create your content library, spruce up a series of Blog posts.

  • Change their images to better ones
  • Tweak the content to be crisper
  • Review the in content links to make sure they point to great articles
  • Covert some of the Blog posts to a podcast
  • Convert some of Blog posts to a video

The second option for an addictive bribe is a short e-course.

In this simplest form of method, an online course with drip-feeds tips and email to your own subscribers.

Rather than connecting with you once a week (or longer sometimes – yes?) when you publish a new Blog post, your e-course allows you to email new subscribers more frequently.  This can often turn cold connections into warm friends.

Creating an e-course is not as difficult as you might think.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Research / Identify about 30 problems it’s likely your site visitor’s routinely struggle with
  • Pick your favourite 5+ tips on the best (i.e. simplest) ways to solve each of the 30 problems
  • Structure an informative (but succinct) email that drip feeds such solutions into their mailboxes
  • Increase the value of these emails by including one or two free downloadable guides
  • Try and re-use a couple of appropriate eBooks
  • Create an eye catching / arresting name for your free e-course

Schedule your emails frequently. Perhaps every alternate day?

When readers join your course, they’re likely to be eager to learn from you. This is your chance to get such readers hooked.

For example:

If you join my 16-part build your own eCommerce website using WordPress, you’ll receive short focused emails every alternate with instructions that you can implement instantly.

If you ever get stuck we’ve got you covered in our superbly helpful free forum.


Jot down three different e-courses you can deliver your subscribers,

So they look forward to your emails?

So much so that they actually email you if miss one or two instalments?


Step 2: Invite Blog Readers To Register

How do you get the more casual blog reader / site visitor to voluntarily join your mailing list, giving you the opportunity to engage with them to convert them to paying customers?

Consider doing this:

Inbound Site Visitors You Control

These are site visitors coming in via a link in an Author Bio of a guest post or from a SlideShare presentation you’ve made. Rather than sending them to your Home page, create a dedicated landing page to increase your conversion rates substantially.

Remember that a site visitor coming in via such a link is already partially biased into signing up with you. Leverage this.

All Other Inbound Site Visitors

You can’t always control where site visitors land on your site. Search engine or social media foot falls can arrive anywhere on your site.

Add prominent sign-up forms on your Home and About Us pages. At the top of all Blog posts and archive pages, in the templates sidebar.

Use a carefully created, unobtrusive, great looking popup or slide out form and ensure that the form pops up only when:

  • The site visitor is fully engaged with the page content,
  • e. they have read page content beyond mid-way


  • When the site visitor indicates they wish to leave the page
  • In either case always display a prominent CLOSE button on the popup or slide out form

A common mistake when enticing site visitors to subscribe to your mailing list is to promote it solely with features like a free eBook or e-course.

Remember site visitors are a ton more interested in the benefits of your eBook or e-course.

Ensure that you add the title of the eBook which must highlight its benefits like:

  • How To Create Landing Pages That Pull In One Million Dollars Annually
  • How Inbound Marketing Builds An Audience That Builds Your Business
  • 20 Solid Tips To Create Engaging Blog Posts Each Time You Write

The landing page for my 16-part build your own eCommerce website using WordPress e-course promises such benefits:

  • Create a great looking eCommerce website without any programming skills
  • WordPress eCommerce plugins are robust and deliver superb buyer experience
  • Connect to any payment gateway of your choice, PayPal, Stripe or other is just a few clicks
  • We’ve got your back when you are stuck with our really helpful tech forum

Site visitors will join your mailing list and become fans when you clearly demonstrate you will make their lives easier and better.

Step 3: Constantly Monitor / Study Your Traffic Sources

All site visitors do not fuel your business income. A surprising amount of inbound site visitors bounce off your site never to return.

Constantly review your mailing list, building activities, to understand which incoming site visitor is actually converting into your mailing list subscriber.

Set up a goal in Google Analytics so you can see which in bound traffic converts best. This is how:

  • Go to Admin at the top of your Google Analytics dashboard
  • Under the View section, select Goals
  • Click the red New goal button
  • Select Custom, click Next step, the give your goal a name (e.g., site registrations),
  • Select your type of goal — in most cases this is a destination
  • Click Next step.
  • Enter the URL people reach once they’ve completed the conversion — Usually a “thank you” page (NOTE: This thank you page appears after subscriber signed up for your lead magnet or newsletter or free trial, or even after they’ve make a purchased of your product)
  • Click Create goal

You’re done. You just created a site registration goal, which will be monitored by Google Analytics each time the Thank you for subscribing page is displayed on your site.

Now you start evaluating your site visitor sources that convert:

  • Which guest posts generate the most subscribers?
  • How do social media traffic’s conversions compare to guest posts;s conversions?
  • Which social media activity generates the most subscribers?
  • How well does search engine traffic convert?
  • Which landing page converts the best?

To strengthen your ability to grow your list, you must understand which of your activities work for you and which do not. Using Google Analytics to deliver appropriate statistics that tell you this is a great way of doing just that.

Step 4: Hook Site Visitors On To You

Today people’s Inboxes are bursting under the weight of too many emails. Nobody wants yet another email, yet another newsletter, yet another update.

Here is how you can stand out so that your readers look forward to receiving your emails.

  • Write in a conversational tone, so readers feel your email is personal
  • Consider adding titbits about yourself, so readers get to know you
  • Be concise. Badly edited emails waste readers’ time and irritate them enough to unsubscribe
  • Always always always add value and be helpful
  • Stop thinking about readers as subscribers. Write as if you’re emailing a friend

Here’s What To Do Next

To seriously grow your email list block just 30 minutes in your Blogging work week and:

  • Spend 15 minutes researching / generating / jotting down ideas to grow your list
  • Spend 15 minutes brainstorming / jotting down ideas to engage with your list
  • Identify two or three great ideas as your immediate priorities
  • Give then a unique font color that makes them stand out – magenta, red
  • Block time on your daily calendar to execute the immediate priority tasks

A responsive subscriber is the fundamental of a successful email marketing campaign, so the best method to build up a good email list, a.k.a asset, is to grow your email subscriber list and engage with your subscribers.

The Truth About Building A Thriving Business

The size of your mailing list is not as important as the enthusiasm and engagement levels of member of that list.

  • Do they know you?
  • Do they trust you?
  • Do they look out for your next email?
  • Do they miss you when you’re on vacation?

Treat your email subscribers like good friends, and you build your own tribe / community with those special relationships.


Jot down 3 different way that you can use to develop a relationship with your subscribers?

Jot down what’s the most addictive offer you present to your site visitors today?

In Conclusion

Please do share in the comments section below. Both my Blog post readers and I are really waiting to learn from the wealth of your experiences, please do share.

Email Marketing

How To Dramatically Increase Your Email Open Rate?

Everyone and the baker talks about money being in your double opt-in mailing list. That Email marketing can be a virtual cash machine when it’s done right. Hence, you’ve got to focus on how to dramatically increase your Email open rate.

While Email marketing can be a virtual cash machine, if you cannot get anyone to open/read your Emailed messages this is just a notional perception of wealth which is really frustrating.

email open rate

In this Blog post I’m going to focus on how you can dramatically increase your Email open rate with your site registrants. It’s all about simple techniques to achieve just this. I’m also going to show you how you can engage with your target audience effectively and keep them looking out for your emails.

I found this great article on Why You Should Be Using Email Marketing? which provides some street-wise tips and tricks of the trade from a home-based email marketing expert.

Make Your Mails Personal

Today, inboxes are being flooded with junk mail. This is a pain that everyone who has an Email Id bears with.

Whenever anyone signs up for a product or service that’s interesting, they must be open to the possibility of being flooded with SPAM and tons of irritating affiliate offers.

People who use Email constantly find different ways of dealing with this problem. Using their email client’s SPAM filtering rules for example.

That said, there is one tried and tested technique that all people use to decide on whether they should click on and open an Email they’ve received. They look for a mention of their names in the Email subject list and then click to open those Emails.

Hence, it’s always a great idea to personalize the subject lines of the emails dispatched to include the recipient’s first name.   This approach is an instant attention grabber and subtle trust builder.

Ensure That Your Registration System Is Double Opt-in

When you’ve got to choose between list size and list quality, always opt for list quality. Your Email list will be a lot smaller when you use a double opt-in technique for registration, BUT it will have much greater quality.

A double opt-in registration system is when a potential subscriber is sent a link to the Email Id they have submitted to click on and verify that they do indeed want to register. This further confirms that their Email Id is genuine, if they click on the double op-in link.

This is really a way in which someone is telling you that they are seriously interested in whatever it is you are offering.

When you are offering something or real value to your subscribers, you do not need a massive email list to make a living. Just do not forget the trouble your subscriber has taken to register, reward them well to show your appreciation of the trouble they’ve taken.

Ensure Your Website Is Responsive

Today everyone owns a smart phone. A lot of these individuals access the Internet using their smart phones. The number of people who access the Internet using smart phones is growing exponentially.

Statistics show that 43% of all email worldwide is opened using mobile devices. That is a staggering statistic. Hence if your email contains links to a site that is not responsive these people will bounce off the site immediately simply because it’s painful for them to view the site.

Hence, as site owner you’re driven by two objectives, your newsletter must be responsive. The links contained within the newsletter must lead to a responsive site.

Otherwise there is a section of potential customers you are ignoring and definitely losing out on.

Create Arresting (Personalized) Subject Lines

More than 70% of the marketing emails display boring (essentially non engaging) headlines. This really is a worrying statistic. Translated, this indicates that 70% of marketing emails never get read.

Fortunately there really is a simple way of writing arresting email subject lines. Just remember the word sea – puck (i.e. CPUQ). This stands for:


Ensure that you use one or a combination of these techniques and the headline you craft is sure to be arresting enough to get your email opened and read. Here are some headline examples.

Offer Real Value Consistently

It’s imperative that you deliver awesome, value add content right from the very first newsletter you dispatch, then ensure that all other newsletter deliver value the same add quality consistently.

As soon as your recipients understand that you care and that you really are willing to share top quality information, they will be looking forward to your newsletters with their recommendations for various products and services.

Nothing gets your Emailed newsletter flagged as SPAM or unsubscribed from quicker than pounding your mailing list with offer after offer after offer.

The only people that get away with such an approach are those whose mailing lists are greater than 100,000 email IDs and thus can afford to lose a about 10% to 15% without a major impact on their earnings.

Build A Relationship With Your Readers

The goal of all your online interactions must be to build strong relationship with people. This is the only way to build an excellent online reputation.

This is really not too difficult to do. All you’ve got to do is come across as honest, straight forward and dependable in every single online transaction.

Always remember that you are the most important representative of your brand, so if you always hold yourself to the highest standards possible your work and you relationships will automatically reflect that.

Once this happens your people will give you great reviews and testimonials. They will leave positive comments on most of your Blog posts which is great for engaging with them and holding their attention. Loyalty is always earned, it’s never bought.

Keep Pruning Your Mailing List

As with all mailing lists you are going to have some inactive subscribers. These subscribers just need to be handled a tad differently. Here’s a simple approaches you can use.

Place inactive subscribers on a separate list where they’ll no longer be emailed regularlyNext send them an Email asking then to reconfirm if they want to be on your listRepeat this blast after 10 days.

If for both of your blasts your emails do not get opened, delete the subscriber’s email Id from your mailing list thus pruning it of dead wood.

Typically you can automate this entire process through the auto-responder, list segmentation option, in most web-based, email marketing services, such as Mail Chimp, AWeber and so on.

Deliver Newsletter At A Consistent Delivery Time

I discovered that when I dispatched my Email newsletters at in consistent times their open rate was much lower than when I dispatched them at the same time, each time I planned an email blast.

All web based, Email marketing services, auto-responders have an option to have emails dispatched at a specific date and time.

I use MailChimp and I always set my follow up emails to – send 1 day after previous – which sends out my Emails at the time the individual received that last email, which is the same time they subscribed. Be sure to have several emails queued in advance when you use this approach.

Run Split Tests

If most of your content is the same for all subscribers, run split tests to identify what content the subscribers identify with and enjoy.

I will try to make different send times based on different time zone such as PST, EST & GMT.

Typically I’ll test 8am, 2pm and 6pm mail-out times for each time zone, then set my mail broadcasts to the timing which give me the most user engagement.

The second is test what – see pucks – type headlines (Controversy, Power-Words, Urgency,Questions) are getting clicked on and opened the most. Then include that style in the subject lines more frequently.

The third thing to test what works better to have Emails coming from myself or from the brand. Typically it’s best to have emails from a person, but I’ve seen otherwise, which is why I test.

Make A Great First Impression

First impressions are everything in real life? The same is true online.

Your first impression is your best shot at earning your site visitor’s trust and ensuring future emails get opened.

Assuming you’re running an unobtrusive and least irritating pop-up or slide out email Id capture form to build your list, it’s crucial to give away awesome content like problem solving reports,

Info-graphics, podcasts and videos packed with useful information to registrants.

email click rate

Have A Lead Magnet

Create a lead magnet in the form of an eCourse, audio or video series spread out over several days and offer this via your pop-up or slide out form. This a clever and incredibly effective way to get emails opened and engaged with.

You will notice several international company employing this kind of method with their email marketing strategy…

Another great way of enhancing your relationship with your mailing list is simply surveying them from time to time.

This will definately help to identify what kind of issue it is that your audience have and how they need needs solving. Once you identify what their problem is, make it a point to over-deliver on the solution.

Always try to empathize and respect your subscriber/reader. You will have no problem earning a living online if offering high value to your subscribers is (100% of) your mission.

Don’t meet expectation, exceed it!

Success by choice, not by chance.