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OmniStar Mailer Review 2021

Omnistar Mailer has been around for several years now and it has grown into a robust subscription manager and mailer, including most if not all, of the features you’d expect from the industrial strength self-hosted mailers.

From the uncluttered interface to the clean statistics and charts, Omnistar’s mailer is a serious contended to it’s more expensive siblings like Interspire’s Email Marketer.

OmniStar Mailer Review

Here’s a look atthe interface upon logging in below.

You can of course set up autoresponders such as a monthly newsletter or maybe an email based educational course. Autoresponders can be set to send on a daily, weekly or monthly basis via a scheduler.

I also noticed the import/export tool was functioning and allowed me to import a .CSV based list with little difficulty. I always check the import/export tools, as they often come in handy down the road.

The stats pages are very nice and clear to read – campaign statistics show the usual: opened, links clicked, bounces, subscriptions, etc.

I think my biggest surprise was that OmniStar Mailer included tools I’ve only seen in other much more expensive offerings, like Triggers (available with AWeber and Email Marketer). You can do a lot of tricks with triggers but they basically allow you to really sharpen a list into prospects based on events like, unsubscribing, or making a purchase.

Another function I did not see elsewhere was the ability to do custom searches of your data to dynamically generate a targeted list of a specific segment of your subscribers. For example you could build a list of everyone from New York that is over 35 years of age.

Rounding out the high-end bells and whistles were a very nice form builder, a spam checker tool to help sanitize your messages, and a nice split test campaign manager (see below).

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a self-hosted mailer and you will need to know at least the basics involved in hosting a PHP/mySQL application. The install was actually really simple, and took less than 10 minutes. Another thing to note is that the software is not encrypted, so you will be able to modify the code as you see fit.

All in all considering that Omnistar Mailer is quite comparable feature-wise to the other commercial grade mailers, I’d say the price point (currently at $287 one-time fee) is pretty fair. If you run some large lists over time hosting yourself could save you a lot of money over hosted solutions like AWeber and GetResponse.

  • $287 one-time fee – includes 12 months of upgrades + client license.
  • $587 one-time fee – includes 12 months of upgrades + 5 client licenses for resale.
  • $887 one-time fee – includes 12 months of upgrades + 10 client licenses for resale.

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