Email Marketing

Tell Everyone About Your List

Consistently talk about your newsletters

This may sound obvious, but it needs to be said. You have to tell people about your newsletter consistently.

You may be a new entrepreneur or side hustler and not comfortable promoting yourself. It may feel awkward or scary to ask people to do something for you.

The good news is you’re already offering value in exchange for an email address.

If you’re a little more seasoned, you may have forgotten about all of the beautiful incentives you’ve created for people to give you their email address.

Either way, you have to TELL people that about the awesome content you share in your newsletters and how to join in.

Here are 3 ways to let people know how to join your email list

1. Harness the power of social media

Using social media to grow your list is a no-brainer. But how exactly? Here are two quick ways. Preview what you’ll be covering in your upcoming newsletter on social media and let people know how they can get it in their inbox. Also, schedule at least one social post a month that highlights the value of your lead magnet. Pro Tip: Write out 2 or 3 posts to promote your lead magnet. Use one each month and repeat. Your social followers won’t even notice. Get more list building advice for your preferred social channel:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

3. Tell everyone about your email list

Tell people about your newsletters, whether you’re at a networking event, speaking on a podcast, or talking to your friends.

It doesn’t have to be pushy. It can be as simple as “If you’re curious to learn more about X, I send emails about it.” or “If you’re wondering about X, I have a lead magnet that digs into that topic.”

This is especially important if you are speak a podcast, webinar, or similar event.

Not in front of your audience quite yet? Ask your friends and family to join to help you get started. They’ll jump at the chance to support you. Have a digital business card at the ready so you can sign up anyone you strike up a conversation with.

Run ads to your lead magnet

This is the quickest way to skyrocket your list growth. If you have the budget for ads, use them to build your list.

Whether they’re ads for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, or Pinterest depends on your specific business.

Start exploring where your audience hangs out online, get ads going to your lead magnet, and watch your list growth explode.

Your homework

Choose one of the following ideas and complete it by next week.

  1. Write one social media post about your lead magnet or a preview of your newsletter. Schedule it.
  2. Create a digital business card for your next speaking, networking or social event.
  3. Explore one platform to run ads to your lead magnet.

Well, this is the last challenge to grow your list. We had shared the 4 challenge on how to grow your list. 4 challenge as below:

  1. Incentivize Your Audience
  2. Make It Easy For Your Subscribers to Sign Up
  3. Integrate to Automate List Growth
  4. Tell Everyone About Your List